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We will hear the details on Wed. after the UAW National Council ( Local Union Presidents and Bargaining Chairs) meets and approves ( agrees that it can go to the membership for voting) the proposed agreement. UAW.org will publish the details after that meeting. Stay tuned for times and dates of our information meetings where you can have all of your questions answered before you vote.

2014 General Election Results

The votes have been counted...
* = Winner

President /
* Ray Gorney 919 / Don Cooper 482

Trustees (3) :/

*Curtis Freeman 951
* Jim Hatfield 824
* Becky Haughey 812
Twana Coleman 618
Thomas Latchaw 318
Rick Honig 289

* Corey Wilborn 830 /  Kevin Johnson 495 /

Aramark Chairman
*Debra Bruton 44 /  Frank Yearby 16

Hamtramck Chairman
*Richard Tessner 10 /  Ralph Doubledee 3

We would like to thank the Local 598 Election committee for all of thier hard work!

Local 598 President Ray Gorney & Chairman Barry Campbell take the Plunge for Special Olympics

Pledges can be made online at www.firstgiving.com/Team/254807/Donation
or the Community Action Center on Wednesdays or at the Union Hall.
The Plunge will take place on February 8th at the Fenton Moose lodge, 2245 Sonora Dr. in Fenton. the plunge will begin at 1:00 p.m.


Flint Assembly, which will receive -- $600 million investement-- for facility upgrades, including a new paint shop. Awkward: UAW official praises Democratic candidate for governor while the GOP incumbent listens

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FLINT -- Hundreds of toys were delivered to the Toys for Tots distribution center Sunday as area organizers do their part to make everyone's Christmas a merry one.


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Workers at GM Flint Assembly are very proud of a certain pickup built there six years ago. Chevrolet brags about making tough trucks, but this one recently passed an incredible milestone


UAW Local 598 Brother Jim Gregory appears on MSNBC to talk about what the Auto loans meant to UAW workers.


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