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80% of tires sold in America are made else-where. Buying American made tires can be a challenge but it can be done, one problem is that a particular brand could be made in america and elsewhere. The only way to know for sure is to physically look on the tire. Most all tires are stamped on the side-wall with where they are made(i.e. made in USA. Not all are though, so you need to look on the side wall for the DOT #. For example, the BE after the DOT means BF Goodrich tire ( owned by Michelin) was made in Tuscaloosa, AL.

American plants and their 2 letter code after the DOT. All are union plants.

BE B.F. Goodrich (Michelin) Tuscaloosa, AL
BF B.F. Goodrich (Michelin) Woodburn, IN
AN B.F. Goodrich (Michelin) Opelika A.L.
VE/YE/YU/8B Bridgestone/Firestone Des Moines,AL
2M/3M Bridgestone/Firestone Bloomington,IL
D2/E3/W1/Y7 Bridgestone/Firestone Lavergne,TE
2C/4D/5D Bridgestone/Firestone Morrison,TE
UP Cooper Finlay,OH
UT Cooper Texarkana,AR
DY Denman (Penslar Capital) Warren,OH
DA Dunlap ( Goodyear) Buffalo N.Y.
JJ/MD/PU Goodyear Gadsden,AL
JN/MJ/PY Goodyear Topeka,KS
JE/MC/PT Goodyear Dansville,VA
JT/MK/TA Goodyear Union City,TN
JP/MM/PJ Kelly-Springfield (Goodyear) Tyler, TX
JF/MM/PJ Kelly-Springfield (Goodyear) Fayetteville,NC
CC Yokahama Tire Salem,VA

                      This information was taken from an Editorial  by Alan j. Kilar, News break local 6000

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