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#22KILL: “THE NEXT BIG THING IN VIRAL AWARENESS” by Jason Clouse It wasn’t all that long ago that seemingly everyone was dumping buckets of ice cold water on themselves or each other in an effort to raise awareness for ALS. From celebrities to athletes to everyday people accepted the “Ice Bucket Challenge” and issued their own challenges as well. The movement became a viral sensation all over social media. And now, a new movement has begun and is picking up steam as more and more people are getting on board for what many call the next big thing in viral awareness. Nate Koehn, who served in the United States Army for over a decade, has launched the 22 Veterans Daily Challenge www.22kill.com in hopes of raising the same kind of awareness that the “Ice Bucket Challenge” did for ALS. On average, it’s estimated that 22 veterans commit suicide after leaving the armed forces. Koehn’s mission is to raise awareness and funds for the 22KILL charity and to empower and honor the veterans who have served our country. The premise of the 22 Veterans Daily Challenge is simple. Once challenged, a person will have 22 hours to record yourself completing 22 pushups—one hour for every veteran who succumbs to suicide. Once the challenge is met, you will be asked to donate $10 to the 22KILL charity. Then, challenge 22 of your friends and family members to do the same thing and upload the videos through the various social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. While 22 may be the desire number of pushups for the challenge, organizers of the movement stress that any number of pushups will send the same powerful message. When posting your video, use the hashtag #22 pushups or #22kill to the upload. The concept of the 22 Veterans Daily Challenge is beginning to really take off, as famous personalities, especially professional athletes, are jumping on board to support the cause. The core of the movement is to raise awareness for mental health issues that are commonly associated with soldiers returning home from tours of duty and abroad overseas. And with more people taking notice and participating in the challenge, the word will continue to spread. How to Participate: 1. Record yourself doing push-up(s). Before you begin, state your name and challenge a friend. 2. Upload your video to social media like Face Book, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram: https://facebook.com/22Kill https://twitter.com/022KiLL https://youtube.com/user/HCC22KILL https://instagram.com/22kill_actual/ 3. Tag UAWLocal598, the person you challenge, and add #22kill to your post. 4. Be creative-do your push-up(s) somewhere interesting or with a group! 5. Now POST IT!

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