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UAW Local 598 is an amalgamated union, representing over 2,700 employees at the General Motors Vehicle Manufacturing Flint Assembly plant in Flint, Michigan. We are a proud and diverse group of individuals with a focus on quality - quality of our lives, relationships, communities and the vehicles we build.

We are the builders of the 2011 Motor Trend Truck of the Year!

We are UAW Local 598!

Graduate employees commend administration behavior as state labor board confirms majority support

HARTFORD, Conn. — University of Connecticut (UConn) graduate student employees won union recognition today after the State Board of Labor Relations (SBLR) verified that a super majority of the workers signed cards authorizing the Graduate Employee Union/United Auto Workers (GEU-UAW) to represent them in collective bargaining.

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The following candidates elected by acclamation • General Elections: Read more >>>

NOTICE LOCAL 598, UAW ELECTIONS FOR President/ GM Two (2) Shop Committee-at-Large / Three (3) Trustees / Guide / Aramark Chairman / Hamtramck Chairman Read more >>>

Notice of Local 598 Membership Meeting

Membership meeting Sunday,May 18th at 2:00.



Election for Four (4) Delegates to the 36th UAW Constitutional Convention will be held: Sunday, May 4th, 2014 until Monday May 5th 2014 at the North Unit Gym Area in the Plant, and at the Local 598 Union Hall, G-3293 Van Slyke Rd, Flint, MI. Read more >>>

To be elected for each district: Committeeperson and Alternate Acceptance to be made for the following Districts: District 1A (1st Shift): – Body, Trim District 1B (1st Shift): – Chassis, Final, Paint, Paint Repair, Mechanical Repair, Crib Attend, DVT District 1C (1st Shift): – Material, Quality, Skilled Trades, and Sequence District 2A (2nd Shift): – Body, Trim, District 2B (2nd Shift): – Chassis, Final, Paint, Paint Repair, Mechanical Repair, Crib Attend, DVT District 2C (2nd Shift): – Material, Quality, Skilled Trades, and Sequence District 3A (3rd Shift): – Body, Trim District 3B (3rd Shift): – Chassis, Final, Paint, Paint Repair, Mechanical Repair, Crib Attend, DVT District 3C (3rd Shift): – Material, Quality, Skilled Trades, and Sequence Read more >>>

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Flint Assembly, which will receive -- $600 million investement-- for facility upgrades, including a new paint shop. Awkward: UAW official praises Democratic candidate for governor while the GOP incumbent listens

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DETROIT – We commend President Obama for his leadership and support for the U.S. auto industry. His actions helped prevent a second Great Depression, saving more than a million American jobs in the process. Domestic automakers have pledged investment in U.S. plants through 2015 that will mean more than 40,000 direct manufacturing jobs in the United States.

The renewed American automotive industry is now America’s No. 1 export sector. The Obama administration, American workers and retirees, and the U.S. automotive industry made tough choices and sacrifices to make this turnaround possible. The automobile sector supports over 3 million good-paying jobs in assembly plants, auto parts manufacturing, repair shops, dealerships and other supporting businesses nationwide. In 2012, U.S. automotive exports totaled $133 billion, an increase of more than $17 billion (14 percent) over 2011. Domestic manufacturing has long been the foundation of a strong middle class, and the automobile industry is the one of the most critical for U.S. manufacturing.

Under the president’s leadership, we are implementing higher fuel efficiency standards from 2017-2025, effectively doubling vehicle fuel efficiency, drastically reducing carbon emissions and creating several hundred thousand jobs. About 50,000 of these jobs will be in auto parts manufacturing and vehicle assembly alone.

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From all reports we’ve seen, President Obama is going to propose a budget plan this week that is unprecedented for a Democratic president. It will propose a cut to Social Security benefits for seniors, veterans and people with disabilities.

It appears the proposed cut will take the form of “chained” CPI—a discredited way of calculating annual cost-of-living increases that does not keep up with actual costs, eating into benefits.

But there’s more. The president’s budget proposal also would require middle-class seniors—people who make $47,000 a year and more—to pay higher Medicare premiums.

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From hood to hitch, the most refined, best engineered Silverado ever
Three new EcoTec3 engines designed for more power, improved efficiency
Engineered for tough truck duties and legendary Chevy truck dependability

Considering the Koch Brothers are the biggest threat to our nation since WW 2 it might be helpful to know how to keep money out of their evil hands. Read more >>>

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Buying American Union-Made Auto Tires...It can be Done! Read more >>>

Link to UAWGM Contract

The UAW General Motors National Negotiating Committee entered into this set of bargaining as America struggles with record levels of unemployment and an economy that shows little sign of improvement. GM, like most private and public employers across America, immediately sought givebacks in health care and in our pension plan. With your continued support and solidarity, we stood strong and not only stopped these proposed givebacks, we made important gains for our members.   Click on Link to go to uaw website for summary or contract language uaw.org/content/gm-hourly


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